Caucasian Villages in Azerbaijan

The northern part of Azerbaijan is known for its amazing Caucasian mountains. Once you get tired of the busy capital, Baku, it’s worth to pack your backpack, catch a bus and enjoy the local folklore of Caucasian villages. Xinaliq and Qalaxudat Xinaliq is an ancient (over 5000 years old) Caucasian village dating back to the Caucasian Albanian period. It is the highest village in Azerbaijan (elevation of 2300 m), located in the region of Quba Rayon, Azerbaijan. Because of its location, scenery and isolation, Xinaliq and Qalaxudat are very unique villages. As one approaches the villages, a picturesque panorama unfolds. The houses,…    Czytaj dalej

10 reasons why you shouldn’t visit Baku

Did you ever think of taking a trip to Baku, Azerbaijan? If yes, then think twice before doing so! Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t visit this city. 1. You will not have enough time to cover all historical sights Baku has a UNESCO-listed old center, so there is definitely a lot of old things everywhere. That might seem boring but with the right guide, a big bottle of cool water and maybe some tea and sweets stop on the way, the walk around İçərişəhər is a very pleasant experience. The most well-known ancient building in Baku is the Maiden Tower….    Czytaj dalej